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AUA/IAUA Chakrobortty Fellowship Program in Partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

This program is designed for two Indian urologists to visit a North American host institution(s) for up to a six-week period and spend an additional week at the AUA Annual Meeting. During these visits, the scholars will have the unique opportunity to observe urologic operations and procedures (no hands-on), and attend clinics and staff activities. Visiting scholars will be provided a stipend to support their stay in the United States. One scholar should be a Pediatric urologist or have a strong interest in Pediatric urology, and will visit Cincinnati Children’s. The other selected scholar may be in any urology sub-specialty area, and their host institution will be determined at a later date.

Program Requirements

Participants must:

  • be a urologist in India and a member of the local or national urological organization in India
  • be 42 years of age or younger (at time of application)
  • have an MD or MBBS degree and rank as instructor or higher
  • be a certified practicing urologist (within first 10 years of practice)
  • demonstrate a competent command of the English language
  • be able to proactively assist in obtaining a visa (as needed) and communicate consistently via email with the AUA staff
  • Be able to travel for up to 6 weeks

Dr. Vasudeva, center, during his Fellowship in 2016.

Chakrobortty Fellowship Winners

2022 Ashwin Shekar.P, Mch

2022 Abhishek Singh, M.S ,MCh (Urology),DNB( Urology)

Former Fellows
Vedamurthy Reddy Pogula, MD
Anuj Deep Dangi, MD
Pankaj Joshi, MD
2018 Virender Kaur Sekhon, MD
Prabhjot Singh, MD
2017 Niraj Kumar, MD
2016 Pawan Vasudeva, MD

2016 Tarun Javali, MD
2016 Pawan Vasudeva, MD
2015 Ravimohan Mavuduru, MD
2015 Balagopal Nair Tiyadath, MD
2014 Naveenchandra Ravindra Acharya, MD
2014 Arabind Panda, MD
2013 Ashish Rawandale – Patil, MD
2013 Bhupendra P. Singh, MD
2012 John Banerji, MD and Arvind Ganpule, MD
2011 Rishi Nayar, MD and Hernendra Shah, MD
2010 Mayank Mohan Agarwal and Anup Kumar
2009 M.S. Ansari and Lalgudi N. Dorairajan
2008 Santosh Kumar (Vellore) and T.B. Yuvaraja (Tata Memorial, Mumbai)
2007 Dr. Rajeev Kumar (AIIMS, New Delhi) and Dr. Chandra Singh (CMC, Vellore)
2006 Dr. Baldev Singh Aulakh
2005 Maneesh Sinha, MD
2004 Monish Aron, MD
2003 Amlesh Seth, MD
2001 Mukul Andankar, MD
2000 Shivam Priyadarshi, MD
1999 Aneesh Srivastava, MD
1998 H. S. Rao, MD
1997 R. Ramesh, MD
1996 Surya Kumar, MD
1995 Rakesh Kapoor, MD
1994 Anant Kumar, MD
1993 Mohapatra, MD
1992 Ramaiah Indudhara, MD
1991 Rajesh Ahlawat, MD
1990 Ashok Hemal, MD